Martha Made

I have been customising and making my own clothes from a young age; I didn't have the money to purchase new things and felt reluctant to buy into the often boring and repetitive styles on offer in most shops.  Although these remain as reasons for up-cycling clothing, as I have grown older, an ecological awareness has become the forefront of my craft.

Throughout the two years of my Textiles FdA in Bournemouth (which I have now completed), nearly all the material I used was reclaimed and I was surprised to find I was pretty much the only student to do this and follow my craft with ecological ethics. 

This has spurred me on to help in raising awareness of the issues surrounding the highly unethical Fashion and Textiles industries by getting involved with the Totnes Eco Boutique.  I think collectives such as this are now more important than ever and it is time that we all enjoy fashion with a conscience rather than simply following the trends which are dictated to us, using up valuable and dwindling resources and adding to increasing problems such as climate change and unethical labour practices.

I enjoy experimenting with a range of textile techniques and particularly like to create quite theatrical and quirky pieces intended for the body, but also to make more 'wearable' products such as the bags and waistcoats you can see here in my photographs. 

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