Wild in the Willow

Basketmaking and Peg Loom Weaving

My basket making comes from a wider interest in rural skills that use sustainable resources and methods.  Baskets, dry stone walls and layered hedges have a natural beauty and functionality which appeals to me.

Although I buy willow I do source it locally where possible but, what I like doing best of all, is to glean and gather natural materials from the wild and my own garden.  I am currently growing a variety of willows as well as dogwood, hazel and honeysuckle.  

I like to explore different materials and their natural attributes, for example, silver birch lends itself very well to free form weaving, hazel makes strong and sturdy hurdles, monbretia seed heads and leaves add texture and softness.

Peg loom weaving is a beautifully simple technique using natural, sustainable materials.Peg loom weaving is great for recycling, any material can be used even plastic bags! It's a craft suitable for any age.

I don't dye the wool, I prefer the natural colours of the raw fleece. I source all my fleece as local as possible and use rare breed sheep fleece whenever I can.

Blue Texel - East Allington

Manx Laoghtan - Ivybridge

Hebridean - Ivybridge

Jacobs - Tigley


Peg Loom Rugs for sale at....
Powdermills Pottery, Dartmoor,Devon

The Exchange, High Street, Totnes.

Peg Looms are made for me in Totnes and are  available at The Exchange.

To take a closer look or for details of size and prices, please click on the image.

For more information or to make a purchase, please contact me here.


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